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8 Feb
Glass Repairs fast and efficient at Pakuranga Glass

If you are looking for glass repairs in Pakuranga, Botany and East Auckland and the surrounding areas then look no further than Pakuranga Glass and Mirrors Ltd. Regardless of how much care you take, broken glass and smashed windows happen from time to time and when the do happen the best bet is to Ring Pakuranga GLASS AND MIRROR SUPPLIES and get them fixed fast.
We have a fleet of vans on the road servicing Auckland for glass repairs, mirrors and mirror installation.
We all know how fragile glass is and we know it needs to be handled with care . Nowadays so many things are made of glass, such as doors, windows, tables, walls, cabinets. At Allied we have mastered the art of glass repairs in Auckland and welcome your enquiry.

At Pakuranga Glass and Mirrors Ltd we are always ready to assist with all your glass repairs Auckland wide. We know how expensive it can be to replace your broken glass, which is why we have the best glass repair prices and the fastest service from our fleet of glass repair vans. With over 30 years experience in fixing broken windows and broken glass doors we are the right company to get you restored as quickly as possible.

Glass repairs can be very tricky as a DIY, glass is so fragile and quite expensive. It’s always recommended that you use a professional with all your glass repair work and Pakuranga Glass covers all of Auckland.
Call us to see how we can help you quickly and efficiently. Broken glass is dangerous and needs to be cleaned up and repaired as quickly as possible.

At Pakuranga Glass we have the best-trained glass repairs professional in New Zealand. We know our glass, and love helping clients get a great result. Glass repair is our area of expertise. In addition to our professionalism and our great knowledge of glass, we provide our clients with a great service. We make sure that from the beginning to the end of the job, the clients are satisfied.

We understand how important glass repairs is especially for customers that love using glass in their homes, business etc. We also understand that it is quite expensive to have glass fitted that is why we also offer glass repairs for your broken glass or if you just want new glass we are the glass suppliers specialists too. We  guarantee that the repaired glass will be the same as new glass, and we can guarantee you that we will do our utmost best to fix your broken glass as quickly as possible.

Give Pakuranga Glass a try today, we do glass repairs, glass replacement and we are your friendly glass suppliers company. We are so confident that that you will never go back and you will not have any regrets. Our glass repair is top notch.

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